We’d be delighted to receive your own submissions and consider them for publication. You might like to choose one of our regular features to write for, or maybe you just have an idea of your own.

Regular Features:

PinPointer: An anonymous, provocative piece with the purpose of stimulating debate.

Letters: Ask a question, reply to a previous letter or respond to an article

GeoPets: Do you have a cool dog or a crazy cat which loves to go geocaching with you? Let’s hear all about their animal obsession- and don’t forget to send a pic or two!

Diary of a cacher: Keep a note of all your geo-activity for a month- walks, camps, maintenance runs, events, puzzle solving…anything!

GeoTech: Are you a bit of a geek? Have a techie skill or technique to share?

A Muggle Writes…: Do you have a muggle friend that you drag around with you? A partner on the fringes of the game perhaps?

International: Although this is a UK-based magazine, there will be an international element to each issue. Whether you have a geocaching experience from your travels, or you live overseas, we’d love to hear from you!

If you have something you’d like to share which doesn’t fit any of these features, that’s fine; there’s plenty of space in these pages! Just send us a short description of your idea, and if we think it’s a goer, we’ll let you know!

Article Lengths

Short Article (single page): 400-450 words, 1 picture

Medium Article (double page): 800-900 words, 1/2 pictures

Longer article (three pages): 1600-1700 words, 2/3 pictures

Writing Guidelines

  • Keep your article to one of the wordcounts above
  • Double-check any CG codes and facts
  • Edit and proofread your piece before submitting
  • Ensure any images or photos you send are good quality and high resolution and reflect your article
  • If you’d like your article to appear in a particular issue, mention that in your email and ensure you submit it before the deadline (see below). Articles submitted well before the deadline will stand a greater chance of being published in that particular issue
  • The editors cannot guarantee to publish every article submitted
  • Published articles are subject to editing for grammar, style or readability or for reasons of space

Send your articles or ideas to submissions @ pinpointmag.co.uk



Issue 2 – Autumn

Issue 3 – Winter

Publish Date

Oct 2022

Jan 2023

Submissions Deadline

19th Aug 2022

16th Oct 2022